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Vigilistics' 'data science' software solutions collect and analyze the data generated by manufacturing processes of all kinds. From product traceability to cleaning process reporting, the solutions offered by Vigilistics give operators and executives the ability to see, understand, and control the entire operation with greater precision than ever before.
Yes, Vigilistics' software is the only manufacturing intelligence solution that satisfies the requirements of the FDA and Dept. of Agriculture in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. .
Alerts and Exception reports highlight any skipped step or missed cleaning cycle. Vigilistics converts cleaning process from static records to Preventative Controls, Monitoring Procedure and Verification.
  • Operator Induced Exceptions
  • Schedule induced exceptions
  • Equipment induced exceptions
  • Benchmark Exceptions
  • Exceptions to Goals
  • Root Cause Analysis
Vigilistics offers a comprehensive view of your manufacturing environment. Reports include:
  • Plant & enterprise dashboards
  • Benchmarks, goals, baselines, key process indicators
  • Operator results; business process compliance; exceptions; training
  • Unit-based efficiencies; results
  • Chemical, water reporting; forecasts
  • Integrated views of CIP and manual cleaning processes
  • Detailed Variance analytics; “what-if” scenarios
  • Electronic Compliance Records for all activities (CIP, COP, Manual)
  • Range Based Performance (Min, Max,  Target) with Exception and Benchmark Monitoring
  • Unit Based Reporting of Clean Activities,  Production Activities & Tests 
  • Correlation to Operator, Shift, Supplier, Plant, Area, Work Group
  • Root Cause, Drift, Trend and Variance Monitoring
While exact time savings depend on your unique manufaturing environment, we can tell that other Vigilistics clients have saved hundreds of hours per year using our solutions. Areas where Vigilistics can have a dramatic impact include:
  • Automating scheduling
  • Exception reports
  • Taking corrective action
  • Identifying trends
  • Change management
  • Shorten validation processes
  • Eliminate transferring data from paper spreadsheets
  • Constructing reports, trends, etc.
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The average cost of a recall to a food company is $10 million. Learn how to avoid a recall, in our white paper: "The High Cost of a Product Recall"