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Optimize Your Material Loss

Introducing MaterialPro™, a Material Loss Solution Designed for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

With Vigilistics' MaterialPro™ material loss management solution you can capture your material handling process electronically and securely, with reporting and analytics that can help drive continuous improvement. Now you can optimize your receiving, inventory, packing, and load out operations, to help maximize quality, productivity and profits.

MaterialPro allows you to isolate and measure the raw material that was purchased and that did not make it into finished product. Gain better insight into production bottlenecks, manage variances to reduce shrink. Integrate with LIMs data to re-factor loss analysis by solids, fat, protein or other component measures that drive quality and cost. Use exception reports, visualizations, and advanced reporting services to gain insight into performance, eliminate reliance on paper worksheets for tasks such as scheduling, overall compliance, blow mold performance, supplier variances, and product changes.

MaterialPro does more than simplify your loss analysis. It provides transparency into the things that drive loss variances in your plant, creating actionable variance analysis with benchmarking and exception reporting. It solves the difficult problem of integrating LIMs data with production data to manage loss. It provides transparency into how long key production activities take, to assist with scheduling and overall efficiency analysis. And it seamlessly integrates with advanced analytics, traceability, CIP, and MCP tools to provide benchmarking, multi-plant analysis, and complete process audit records. Key features and benefits include:

  • Track receiving performance by carrier, load, bay, and operator
  • Track load test results (Cryo, PCM, DCM, SEC)
  • Monitor Accept/Reject rates; analyze trends, and more
  • Transparency into material loss and efficiency
  • Integrated view of quality tests at critical process steps
  • Scheduling assistant for receiving, processing and finish areas


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