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Unparalleled Insight into Your CIP Process

Vigilistics SanitizationPro™ automatically generates wash records and inspection records, and provides unparalleled insight into your CIP process.

Providing visibility from the plant floor to the corporate office, Vigilistics SanitizationPro™ monitors every step of every wash. Automated data collection generates wash records in real-time using benchmarks, baselines, dashboards, alerts and exception reporting to drive consistency, quality and cost reduction. Set up prediction based rules to provide early warnings, or action limits, in advance of exceeding a legal compliance or quality violation. And when the process is complete, Vigilistics SanitizationPro CIP management solution allows you to access FDA validated compliance reporting when and where you need it, with automatic backup, filter, search and sort delivered with the latest in mobility.

  • Data-driven process improvement
  • Minimize CIP Time
  • Maximize Safety
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Optimize CIP costs
  • FDA Validated compliance reporting

Announcing SanitizationPro™ 5.0

The newest version of our award-winning SanitizationPro™ has arrived. With enhancements to existing capabilities, and powerful new features, SanitizationPro makes it even easier to get the detailed insights you need to manage your CIP process effectively.

SanitizationPro 5.0 features a new, streamlined interface for easy navigation.

What's new in SanitizationPro 5.0?

  • Dashboard and Live View
  • 'At Condition' Wash Reports
  • Improved Titration: root cause, retest
  • Regulatory Inspection Package creation
  • Analytics: detailed performance monitoring
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Wash Reports for every CIP with trend reports configured to your needs, and all the data you want to maintain with your compliance record, such as Wash Program, Start and End time, Exceptions, titration and other test results, and reviewer credentials.
Quickly identify Program exceptions, Schedule exceptions and benchmark exceptions. We help you track that the exception was properly reviewed, closed out, and where applicable, assign a root cause.
Time based trend reports of selected parameters for each unit. Configurable data sets that augment your food safety and traceability programs.
Track the Chemical, water, and energy used in a plant’s CIP system. Set and monitor system goals for use of resources. Translate usage to cost; baseline, set goals and improve.
Configurable business process integration, dashboards and alerts that simplify the scheduling, execution and recordkeeping for routine and ad hoc validations, with Schedule assistance, Remarks, Notes and Root Cause assignment. Configurable validation data sets to facilitate initial install, subsequent install changes, and annual validation processes.
FDA Validated paperless compliance reporting, Comprehensive unit inspection reporting. Manage critical information such as titration, exceptions, ATP and microbiological test data with your wash and unit inspection records.
Reduce the time needed to complete daily, weekly, annual and ad hoc validation, by automating paper worksheets and standardizing the reporting and validation formats.
Daily dashboards that provide transparency into things like wash duration, exceptions, chemical use, water use, and CIP cost. Analytics threads for optimization and root cause analysis. Benchmark any parameter, create range based exceptions, and manage variations.
Set up prediction based rules to provide early warnings, or action limits, in advance of exceeding a legal compliance or quality violation. You can gain intelligence by quickly analyzing and recognizing trends, and provide an added layer of compliance security using notification agents that react as a safety net even if the environment around your personnel or organization changes.
Reports can be set up to configure on pre-defined triggers, at specific pre-determined times, or dynamically extracted from any view with the click of a button. You can freely distribute reports of any type across language barriers and physical boundaries, for example via email or websites. You can also publish a series of real-time analyses as a video, a slide show or a podcast, distribute data on monitors and inspire everybody to act in alliance with the company’s goals.
Get your data visualized in clear dynamic tables, diagrams etc. – with the click of a button. With just a few clicks, users can create and navi-gate intuitively in the most advanced analyses. All objects in an analysis are dynamically inter¬related, and with a single click on a dimension in an object, this dimension will be adapted as a criterion to other objects in the analysis.


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